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Erin Egesdal, MA, CFP®

Erin Egesdal, MA, CFP®

Owner & Financial Advisor

How we handle our money influences every aspect of our lives – the education of our children, the type of home we provide for our families, the vacations we take, and the passions we pursue.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, my mission is to empower you to live your ideal life. By helping you to define your goals, analyze your options, and make informed decisions about how to prioritize competing financial objectives, money becomes a tool to pursue what matters most.

Just thinking about money, however, can evoke complex emotions – optimism, pride, security or perhaps fear, anger, and embarrassment. Money is personal. And, because it can be so hard to talk about, it’s important to partner with someone who can empathize with your personal situation; someone who talks to you in a way that makes sense, empowering you, without pressure or judgment.


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