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Cole Yamakawa

Cole Yamakawa

Financial Advisor

Before I was a Financial Advisor, I was an Engineer; specifically, a Cost Engineer. I spent my days estimating construction costs and managing budgets for various projects within the public and private sector. In that line of work, attention to detail is of great importance while also keeping the big picture in mind. With limited budgets, it’s crucial to plan and design with cost awareness to ensure project completion.

One Saturday, I was fishing with my brother, Kylen. While waiting for the fish to bite, we began discussing our careers and plans for the future. He continued to list all of the reasons why he loved his job as a financial advisor. Among the list, helping and connecting with individuals on a personal level, stood out and I acknowledged my strong desire for that in my career. An idea popped into my head and I exclaimed, “How awesome would it be if I became a financial advisor and we teamed up together!” We both laughed at what seemed like a crazy idea at the time.

In addition to the cooler of fish we brought home that day, the thought of a career as a financial advisor kept swimming through my head. I had never considered it before, but it suddenly made so much sense: I could use my engineering mindset – the part of me that loves to analyze complex issues – to help people solve their complex financial problems.

Within months, I pivoted careers. I haven't looked back since.


You are eager to learn and genuinely ready to make financial progress. Whatever life stage you’re in, you would like someone to help you logically and objectively find solutions to your most pressing financial challenges. Your ultimate goal? To worry less and live more.


My investment philosophy in action:

Keep abreast of change and apply that knowledge.


Hawaii Financial Advisors, Inc.

Financial Advisor

J. Uno and Associates, Inc.

Cost Engineer / Project Estimator


B.S., University of Hawaii at Manoa

Punahou School


Series 7 & 66 securities registrations

Life insurance license

Five rules I live by:

  1.  Never stop learning
  2.  Seek out challenges
  3.  Work smart
  4.  Kindness travels far
  5.  Balance work and play

Ready to take the next step?

Let’s make a plan! First, we’ll work together to identify your financial goals. Then, we’ll go into problem-solving mode. What specific actions can you take to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible? Over time, we’ll track your progress, and make adjustments so that you stay on track.