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Erin Egesdal, MA, CFP®

Erin Egesdal, MA, CFP®

Owner & Financial Advisor

Being financially Put Together is about aligning your money with your values so that you can live a life you love today, while still planning responsibly for tomorrow.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, I can help you gracefully bow out of that never-ending race to nowhere –

  • Achieve positive cash flow to meet every day needs, and enjoy life along the way;
  • Eliminate debt to increase cash flow and build wealth for yourself (not the bank);
  • Build a fully-funded emergency fund for security and flexibility;
  • Get the right type and right amount of life insurance to protect those who rely on your income;
  • Take the steps required to make retirement a reality – i.e. save the correct amount, in the most efficient investment vehicles, with an asset allocation that’s in line with your risk tolerance;
  • When the time comes, position your wealth to generate a durable income stream throughout retirement;
  • Identify what you can do (both in terms of investing and alternative funding) to help your children with college costs;
  • Ensure your estate plan is in place to make things easier for those you love.

Money is personal. And, because it can be hard to talk about, it’s important to partner with someone who can empathize with your personal situation; someone who will empower you without pressure or judgement. 


You’re a strong, smart woman who makes a good living, and takes the lead in your family’s finances.

You are in the middle of that intricate dance between trying to live a meaningful life today and preparing for a thriving tomorrow. You have likely felt self-critical about the financial decisions you’ve made (or not made) in the past. As a family unit, you are looking to streamline your financial life.

You’re a genuinely nice person.

You are open, willing, and ready to enter into a financial planning relationship.

You’re looking for a trusted advisor.  

You recognize that you have the potential to do anything, but not everything. You see the value in partnering with an advisor who is on top of the ever-changing financial landscape so that you can focus your time and energy on your career, and the things that bring you joy.


Since 2011, I’ve been helping families who seek to grow and protect wealth. I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, held to a fiduciary standard. I hold my series 7 & 66 securities registrations as well as my Life & Health insurance licenses.

It was through a hands-on seminar on Microfinance at Stanford University that I first grasped the potential for targeted investing to transform lives for the better. At Stanford, I earned my Bachelor and Master’s degree.

Ready to take the next step?

1. Get in touch!

Quick conversation (via phone or email) to confirm we’re a good fit.

2. Discovery Session

Face-to-face meeting where we will get perfectly clear on your goals, concerns, and unique financial situation. I will explain the tools in my toolkit. And, you get to ask all about my process, fees, and anything else on your mind.

3. Data Session

1-hour phone call to collect financial data and confirm financial goals.

4. Strategy Session

Present – in plain English – the specific actions and mix of investments that can help make your life vision a reality.

5. Action Session

Implement financial advice and outline next steps.

6. Review Sessions

Monitor, review, and adjust.